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We are very lucky to have Darren as a stylist here in Tampa. He is a hidden gem and very talented. I’ve lived in major cosmopolitan cities such as Miami, LA, and New York and he is clearly an experienced stylist in the league with some of the best. He’s a great listener, and is willing to make honest suggestions. As a busy professional, its valuable that I can towel dry my hair and go without the use of gel products and styling time all due to his precise cutting techniques and methods. Thanks Darren, it’s nice that I can just sit in your chair and trust!
Tony Karounos,
Finally, I have found the right hairdresser who listens and is honest with me. After searching for a very long time I made my first appointment with Darren and I could not be happier! My first visit was a great experience and can’t wait to go again. I knew I could trust him and wouldn’t be afraid to sit in his chair and let him do whatever he wants to my hair. He is very professional and efficient and you know very quickly that he knows exactly to do with your hair. Best hair cut I have EVER had. Thanks Darren.
Sheri Godwin,
My hairstylist of 15 years left the area last year. I was DEVASTATED!! I had gone to about 3 different stylists before getting a groupon that led me to Darren. He was very professional and knew exactly what I wanted done to my hair!! After a year of searching, I finally found another stylist that I like as well as my old one!! Thanks Darren!!
Melissa Carpenter,

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